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For girls in third and fourth grade.
This program will have two or three teams (depending on volunteer coaching staff and players) made up of a mixed group of third and fourth graders.  Each team is capped to about 12 players.
The season runs from mid March to the end of May.
PRACTICES:  The 3/4s practice one to two nights a week in Carpenter Park (practice nights and times are determined by the coaches and weather permitting).  
GAMES:  Each team will play 5 to 6 regular season games on Saturday afternoons and participate in one Playday.  Most of the 3/4s play at 1:00pm or 3:00pm and are made up of 3 to 4 - 20 minute games in a round robin format. We play other township clubs and will be traveling locally as well as playing on our home field in Carpenter Park.
UNIFORM:  A Reversible Game Pinnie is included with registration.  Please have your player wear black bottoms (shorts, leggings or sweats) on game days.
GEAR:  Your player will be required to have a Womens Lacrosse Stick, solid colored mouthguard (no white or clear), ASTM 3077 approved eyewear (goggles) and a water bottle for every practice and game.  Cleats are preferred but not required. 
Play Description:  HGLC follows the PAGLA East rules and directives, which adopts most US Lacrosse rules and regulations. Games use an 8v8 format with goalkeepers or shooting nets. Passing is encouraged before shooting. There is no checking at this level, the players are taught good body positioning to be rewarded the ball. The girls will work on developing their cradle, passing, shooting, catching and groundball pickups, as well as learning the rules of the game.  Progressing into positioning on the field for both offense and defense.  We encourage everyone to try the goalie position.
This is a good opportunity for new players to learn the game of lacrosse.