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Lacrosse Stick Work Drills

Use these skills and drills to practice with a purpose. Make efficient use of your time by having a plan for what you want to accomplish. Just throwing around is OK, but working on a specific move or skill you wish to perfect is far better. This is your time to try new things and develop your individual play. Don’t only work on what you are good at – work on something that needs improvement. No one is watching to see if you drop the ball, miss the check, or shoot wide of goal. Just go for it, and have fun!!


  1. Right hand changing levels
  2. Left hand changing levels (when changing levels, add your spin, ½ spin, and stutter step)
  3. Right hand pulling left-right (make sure you are fully cradling on the left side of your body, then pull it over to the right side and fully cradle there.)
  4. Left hand pulling left-right (same as above with other hand)
  5. Switching hands and pulling left-right (make sure you switch hands when the stick is on either side of your body and keep your stick cradling)

Ground Balls (these may be done against a wall):

  1. 50 stationary ball dominant
  2. 50 stationary ball non-dominant
  3. 50 away non-dominant
  4. 50 away non-dominant
  5. toward dominant (roll it against a wall to have it come back towards you)
  6. 50 towards non-dominant

Skills to Work on By Yourself

  1. Non-dominant skills (cradling, passing, catching, shooting, ground balls) Use a wall; cradle in front of a mirror, etc.
  2. Dodging: rolls, fake rolls, pulls, change of hands, dips, etc.
  3. Fakes: stick fakes, body fakes, head fakes, look aways, change of speed. Be creative! Come up with some new moves to confuse the defense!
  4. Passing: work on different release points (high, shoulder level, sidearm, low)
  5. Catching: use the wall and work on being able to catch anything at all levels!!!
  6. Shooting: focus on the three P’s (Power, Placement, Pizzazz) Develop at least 2 effective shots from strongside to weakside (risers, lefty, sidearm, high/low shots, etc.)